About me

Probably should have smiled

Do love a pint

Hi, I’m Thihan, but everyone (including my mother) calls me T. I originally hale from the warm sunny climes of Melbourne, Australia but find myself based primarily in Southampton, on the south coast of England (yes I moved for the weather). I’m a physiotherapist by trade, with nearly 15 years experience in sport. Over the years, I have enjoyed a variety of roles, working with both amateur and professional athletes. For the last 6 years, I have worked exclusively in cricket and currently split my time between teams in the UK and Australia.


Being a physio, I obviously have a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation. However, I find most of my reading and work is in athlete development and performance enhancement. This carries over into my passion, which is using my knowledge of high level performance to improve our understanding of optimal physical function. The fun begins when we think about how to take what works in sportsmen to help normal people like you and me reach our physical potential.

This blog has many wide ranging themes but overarching these is the idea that we are all athletes, we just need to peel back the layers and find our own one hidden inside.


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