7:30 am – finished off left over bacon and egg frittatas

8:30 am – long macchiato

10:30am – skinnny latte and apple and mandarin

2:00 pm – chicken in a can with mayo – yummy

4:30 pm 1 x cinnamon donut

9:30 pm Beef burger and chips from Grilled + a stubby after photography class with Andy.

10:00 pint of Carlton for old times sake at Naughtons hotel which is closing down tomorrow.

Ahhh... the memories or lack there of.

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Rest Day

Caught up on back squats at MCG gym

Back Squat 5-3-1

5@ 65 kg

3@70 kg

5 @ 80kg – lost form with poor hip position probably should have got one more

Hip thrusters on bench

10 @ 40

5@ 60



Pull up practice – coming back from shoulder injury

3 X 3 – no pain

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Not beautifully presented but oh so yummy

Got home from CV (CrossFit Victoria) to an empty house. Thought I might do a spot of cooking to keep myself entertained. Decided on Kylie Kwong’s  – Stir-Fried Eggplant with Homemade Chilli Sauce from an episode of MasterChef. Needed to use up some minced beef as well so made my own take on a  spicy beef stir-fry.

Had 3 squares of Lindt Chocolate for dessert… naughty I know.

How good does it look once you plate it up?

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Crossfit with Zane

WOD – Deadlift – Wendler 5-3-1

3 @ 70%, 3@80%, max @ 90% (working 1RM)

3 X 90kg

3 X 105kg

7 X 120kg

Pull 1RM

12kg kettlebell on 1 foot

Easy first session back in after 5 days off

Strength is going well – need to do more met-con stuff which is my weakness

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Did a short IF to start this log. Lunch after finishing work early at 1pm. Bacon wrapped mini fritta X 3 with side of avocado.

Absolutely divine, thanks to Girl gone Primal for the recipe. Only took 25 minutes from start to finish.

Photo taken after a couple of hours in the fridge

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